Smile wishes to eat well. That is, to eat good food and to protect the Earth in the process. We know that modern agriculture is responsible for nearly twenty-five percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Transport, food processing and food waste must be added to the equation because currently, one third of the food produced is lost or wasted.

Considering this situation, we will strive to offer a vegan cuisine and will collaborate with farmers and craftsmen who are attentive to  environmental implications of their products.
Thus, between organic production and sincere implications, we have chosen to collaborate with the Cuendet family for vegetables (Bremblens), with Aux 1000 Feuilles bakery for bread (Payerne), with the Lance-Pierre brewery to develop our own beer (Lausanne), with the Valdo coffee to create our kombuchas and cereal milks (Lausanne), with the Trang family for germinated seeds (Lausanne), with the Cuendet house for fairtrade and organic coffee (Crissier) and with the Bio Partner house for dried fruits and oilseeds (Seon).

We will also strive to promote unsold food products for which we will collaborate with Table Suisse (Vegetables), but also with Migros (Fruits and Vegetables), Sushi Mania (rice) and others.

Finally, we will work with EVAM (Lausanne), which generously provides us its kitchens for the occasion.

If restoring means repairing, then SMILE hopes to bring back the idea that eating well and little pollution are compatible during this week of August 2019.

David Rigaud